Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review: Sanctuary Spa Thermal Transformation

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As you know yesterday my Little Beauty Box came from Latest In Beauty, and despite my disappointment I did try one of the products I received last night. It was the Sanctuary Spa: 30 Day Thermal Transformation.
I received sample sizes of this product but there was enough in each sachet to use effectively.With the product I received a sachet of Peptide Transformation Serum, which you smooth over your face and neck first. I found this to be really sticky and it seemed to leave like a residue on my hands. On top of the serum you then massage the Thermal Clay Rose Mask. This came out like a pink mud -best way I can think to describe it- and to be honest it didn't have great "thermal powers." It didn't seem to get hot at all really, but I left the mask on for 15 minutes as instructed.

The product washed off quite quickly however I was left with an extremely red face. (I don't know redness is a common effect of the mask, but I advise only to try this product before bed.) I assumed that the redness was a given effect as this product claims to leave "smoother, glowing, more youthful skin" so I used my moisturiser (simple) and went to bed.

I woke up extremely disappointed, my skin didn't feel any different, which the product claims it should, and in honesty my skin felt quite dry, and there were still parts of my face which were red.

All in all I probably won't be rushing out to buy a full sized pack of this product.

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Ps. Sorry for the awful photography, I am currently waiting for a new camera so I am using my phone plus the lighting in my house at the moment is temperamental so doesn't look very good! Sorry.

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