Monday, 21 January 2013

Haul: Essie, Topshop, Real Techniques....

Hello Hello

I have been a bit down lately, I think it's because of the weather (it's cold and miserable) so I had a little splurge and made some purchases of things I've been eying up recently. Fortunately for me, I didn't go as crazy as usually do but I am Happy with my purchases. 

 I am not at all crazed about the new season stuff in Topshop, but there a couple of things I do kind of like and will probably end up purchasing. I ended up buy a classic timeless sheer blouse in Navy, which has a gold cuff on each collar. 

I think is a classic blouse, which I can wear in all season, and for day and night. I have seen quite a few shirts like this around, but I feel like the navy is something different, as I already own quite a few sheer cream shirts.

Secondly I bought two new colours from Essie. I bought Chinchilly, which I have read so many great reviews about and really love this colour. So cannot wait to use. I also bought Leading Lady from their winter collection. This colour is going to be great when I'm in a mood to be daring and sparkly!! 

Leading Lady

I have finally purchased my stippling brush by Real Techniques. I love the quality of their brushes and I haven't been able to find it on its own to purchase but I was in Boots and saw it, so couldn't resist.

My nails grew a lot once I stopped biting them, but the cold weather has made them really brittle so they all broke- it looks like I still bite them!
So bought the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment, which I am so excited to test out, I will let you know the results. 
 My other purchases were...
Andrea Fulerton - Gold Nail Studs
These really cute Hello Kitty Tissues
Simple - Vital Vitamin Cleanser
I can't wait to use my new purchases and hopefully there will be some future reviews / posts about them...

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