Sunday, 13 January 2013

Entering 2013...and the world of Blogging

It has taken me a while to actually pluck up the courage to start this blog but I have made the decision that 2013 is all about trying new things, and taking risks, so what the hell...

Despite me studying for a degree in Forensic Science my main passion in life is 

Beauty and Fashion

meaning I have spent many years reading magazines, browsing through fashion websites, shopping ALOT  (despite not really having the funds to support my addiction), and being a part of the interweb of bloggers discussing their fashion pet peeves, favourite products and some quite useful tips and secrets

I have decided that it's my turn.. 
I'm going to let you into my world, give my opinions, possibly some advice and I might even open up (we'll see how it goes). 

 Firstly I think I should start with a little about me...

I'm 19 and currently a student who desperately needs a job as well. I guess I would describe myself as a girly geek in a way. I want to be a Fashion Stylist, and help people dress their body shape whilst keeping on trend. 

Although recently I have realised that I just want to live

take everyday as it comes....

all i can do now is apologise for a somewhat boring first post but i WILL get the hang of this and start to interest you (i hope!!) 

Until Next Time 




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