Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

Bank holiday came along this weekend, and I decided to get a bit crafty. I have wanted to decorate my room for years now, and my first port of call was a mirror that I’ve had hanging on my wall for a few years now.
mirror mirror1
The mirror was a gift that the rentals received as a wedding present, and I’m guessing twenty two years ago the mirror was a fashionable piece when it comes to the interiors, but a number of years later the forest green, and terracotta wood looks a little dated. Okay so I’m still  not so keen on the wicker effect but it’s all I had to work with.
White was the obvious choice as I plan to change my other furniture to white, and around 6 months ago I purchased a cream, white and gold duvet set, which has still not been used, but what I plan to base the colour of my room around.
mirror mirror2
Initially, I was planning to do this post as a DIY post, but it’s just not me and I’m not one to follow in terms of DIY. I literally put the mirror on the floor and let my artistic, creativeness flow and painted. I did enjoy channelling my artistic side again, no, I was creating a Picasso or anything, just simply painting a mirror but none-the-less I enjoyed it.
mirror mirror3
I'm wearing Topshop Skater Dress (Old), New Look Cropped Knitted Jumper (Older-Sister-Jacks and old)
I feel as though, I have given the mirror another go at life. As if I have resuscitated it and brought it back to life, and although it’s only a small step into a newly decorated room, it has made a real difference.
I would love to hear some suggestions on how else I can liven up my room.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Honeyz Bath Product, Whitby


As you know, on Sunday I took a trip to Whitby, and despite my wanting to fill my blog with my love for fashion, I couldn’t resist showing you the things we bought from this little – I can only describe as- Lush dupe, along the main high street through Whitby centre. Unfortunately they wouldn’t allow me to take photographs of the store, but the interior was basically a soap bakery. The fresh scents of all the flavours blended together nicely but didn’t overpower your sense of smell when you walked inside. Each product was laid out as though they were cakes, and cut into slices for you to purchase and take home. On top of this there was an unwrapped slice of each product available for you to smell, although the thought of the number of people who had pressed their bacteria-filled nasal cavities amongst them makes me feel a little nauseous. The store was called Honeyz, and this is a link to their website.

I lusted over the first thing we bought as soon as I saw it. I have always loved candles and fragrances, however until recently could never justify spending money on them, when there was always something else I always wanted. Anyways, following seeing a friend at university, burning oils to release scents into the room, I was on the hunt, for a fragrance burner. I don’t know the official name for this contraption, but you place a tea-light in the base of it, and it burns the oil on top to release a fragrance. The one we found in Whitby was a little different, as instead of place oil in the top, you place a fragranced shape. Each shape has a different fragrance and you can also place multiple shapes on top to blend the smells together.


I purchased the whole “Little Hotties” set including a box of 40 fragranced “shapes”, a diffuser, and 3 tea lights for £15, however after looking you cannot purchase this on the Honeyz website. I have done my research for you though, and the Little Hotties can be found here.

The next two products I purchased, were basically a case of, “Oh this looks good and smells nice”, so were quickly thrown into the basket as Father-Jack was about to insert his credit card. These were both products from the actual Honeyz product list and were a sweet smelling Watermelon soap, in which older-sister-Jack and I insisted we needed in our bathroom, and the second was a muscle-pain easing bath foam. I don’t have aching muscles of any kind but the sweet smell of peppermint drew me in instantly.


I have constantly been burning by Little Hotties Fragrance diffuser contraption. Honestly despite it being bought for the family, it may have a permanent place on my dressing table. I am yet to use the soap or  bath foam, however they are sitting on the window sill in the bathroom in anticipation to be opened.


Monday, 27 May 2013

A Trip To The Sea Side…

Sunday 26 / 05 / 13, the sun was shining over Britain, and Mother-Jack awoke in the mood to drive somewhere… Initially our destination was unknown but due to me running late as usual, and taking approximately 2.5 hours to get ready, going very far was not on the cards.
We took off at around midday, and Father-Jack took charge and made the decision for us to venture to the British sea-side town of Whitby. I would say Whitby is close to all the hearts of us Yorkshire men, and proves to be a “lovely” day out when en “famille”, and have no desire to “rough it up” in Scarborough. I apologise for my snobbish remarks, but theirs something about Whitby that screams “retire” and “quaint” which I have never really found in other British sea-side towns. Look, I’m usually one to be at the beach in some foreign land (usually Israel), so would never class myself as a British Coast Expert.



I couldn’t write this post with out showing you some pictures of this little coffee shop we stopped at whilst out and about. If you’re ever in Whitby, it is located along the main road, in Whitby Town Centre, near the courtyard, where there is often an outdoor vintage sale taking place. The cafe is called the Walrus and the Carpenter, and not only was the decor enough to make your heart warm up, and little envy run through your blood, but their coffee wasn’t half too bad either. Highly recommended!!

I’d love to hear about the places you like to travel to on family days out, and I certainly know that Mother-Jack is looking to explore constantly!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Quick Update Before I Return To Being A Regular


My absence from the blog is only down to me. I have had quite a bit of stuff happening with the life, on top of the usual examinations at university. What makes it harder for myself, is that unfortunately I am studying for degree in a subject that I have no interest in, mad I know, however  I am currently in the process of attempting to change courses. Not being happy about things in within my life hasn’t provided me with much optimism in lots of aspects and subsequently my blogging hasn’t been up to scratch.

Unfortunately for myself, I do have two exams left to do, and another two weeks left of university, but I’m hoping to get back “on it” this weekend, and slowly update you on things and obviously post about the lovely world of fashion and beauty!!

Sorry for the picture less short but sweet (a little negative) post.


Monday, 6 May 2013

Everyone Has Knitting Fever!

It’s May, the sun has come out and we’ve decided to step outside barelegged and jacketless. I too have jumped on this bandwagon, although living in a city centre means I spend more time inside and am forever yearning to sit in the bliss of the park with a cool beverage and a group of pals. Sitting indoors all day has sent me a little loopy, bored out my brains, struggling to fill my time, whilst intentionally ignoring the fact I have exams in less than a fortnight. Two of my buddies are studying Fashion Knitwear design, whilst another Fashion design, and due to their current projects, all have been sitting around, knitted needles in hand and different coloured yarn everywhere. Its endearing watching them, the repetitive mechanics and the sound of the needles hitting each others draws you in, desperate to see the final product produced from a simple ball of yarn.
Often perceived as stereotype, knitting is a craft that is often associated with your grandma, sat in her rocking chair, television on with knitting needles working hard. All in order to produce the clothes you put on your dolls, or that scarf you always wore in the playground. After conversing with my friend, I realised that, yes now-a-days we associate knitting with an older generation, but to them it may not be the case. In our modern high-tech, “everything is a rush” society, everything is so readily available and there is no need for mum or daughter to sit at home and produce knitwear for the family to wear. In most cases yarn isn’t much cheaper than buying a ready-made garment so people don’t do it. However our grandmothers, didn’t get to the age of 60+ and think, “okay, I better learn to knit,” it is  a skill they already had learned. I thought I would do the same, I asked my friend K to teach me knit. So this is my attempt.
Currently,  I only know how to do a simple knit, and my perfectionist nature won’t let me move on until I have mastered that skill. I do plan to move and take lessons from my friends. It will definitely save me a lot of time when I do reach 60.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Casual Attire and the Theatre

I made a journey I hadn’t made in a very long time on Monday 28th April, and it regurgitated many feelings, that I hadn’t anticipated ever feeling again. The journey caused my thinking brain to vomit a lot of dark memories which, via running away, I had previously avoided remembering by storing them in a large box in the back of my skull. Although, I couldn’t have stored these memories very well, because if I were to be honest with my bean, those memories have definitely been eating  away at my think-feel-do-box for a number of years now, and continues to cause me a lot of pain.
note. to. self: create more efficient storage units for the many boxes I have tucked away in my skull.
The troubling journey was to Manchester, where I had attended school, to watch older-sister-jack perform her drama GCSE performance. The hour-long journey, sitting in a theatre for a lengthy amount of time, and then the return trek, meant outfit choice had to be practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  On top of this I was due to be returning to the village of Notts the following day, so clothing was in the cleanse and polish process, therefore I had limited supplies.

Beanie hat – Ragged Priest. Sunglasses – Primark. Cream, blouse, Black sundress, Necklace & ADONIS2 boots – Topshop. Patterned tights & frilled socks – both Older-Sister-Jack, (now mine).
Contrary to normal Family-Jack events, Mother-Jack and I arrived at the venue, The Contact Theatre, with a whole hour to spare. Within our spare hour we failed to find any decent seeds to consume ,so settled for a premade-Panini  from (insert high street coffee) shop. At the venue we met up with little-sister-jack and made our way into the theatre. In total, there was four performances, however I couldn’t fully comprehend three of said performances, so reviews cannot be written. I can however review the performance in which Older-Sister-Jack performed. The theme surrounded the UK riots that occurred in 2011, and although there was no official title for the production, I have conferred with Older-Sister-Jack and have decided to  name it “Riots – Has Britain Gone Mad?”. Now, usually a drama GCSE performance, involves a lot of over-complicated symbolism, mundane thought tracking, and numerous failed attempts at cliché accents, and this performance had all of that. Yet I was still sold the storyline, characters, and for the majority of the performance felt as though I was sat in an episode of Coronation Street. I only wonder how my I-phone addict sibling-bean managed to perform her GSCE exam, whilst retaining and using her i-phone as a so-called “prop”? 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

OOTD: Is It Still Too Cold For Neon?

On Sunday April 28th, my parents invited some family friends over to “catch up” over Bagels and Coffee. A bagel brunch is a typical tradition in our household, father-jack runs off to the supermarket and local kosher deli to do the shopping, mother-jack scurries around the house cleaning with nana-jack following her from room to room catching her up with the latest gossip. Usually in this time, sister-jack(s) either rest in a peaceful slumber, or return home from their weekend adventures with their buddies, whilst I – if residing at home for the weekend – race around getting washed, scrubbed, clothed and organised for the 24hours ahead of me. Following a rushed Sunday morning of everyone completing mundane tasks, we will all come together at the kitchen table and enjoy our breakfast brunch. Unfortunately, my camera was not up and running on Sunday morning, and by the time I had it functioning there wasn’t a scrap of food left on the table for me to attempt to snap a photograph of. On the plus side, I did manage to get my camera set up, so I could snap some outfit shots for you.


Neon, knit jumper – Zara. Black, feather pendant necklace, black, tube, midi-skirt & space socks – Topshop.
The sun was beaming down on Leeds (at least when I peered out my bedroom window at approximately 10am), so I took the plunge and finally pulled out this neon, jumper; paired it with a classic black midi skirt, to create an effortless “throw-on” look. I decided to brave no tights, due to the weather which actually proved quite lucky, as I didn’t leave the house that day, and mother-jack is a cold bean so my house is constantly at a temperature equal to that of a burning furnace – much like the furnace Willy Wonker describes to Veruca Salt’s father in the Roald Dahl classic; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
These futuristic, space-print, socks are my current go to pair at the moment as I love the print, however am not courageous enough to grace the streets in a pair of leggings with a galactic print.Although my lust for the galactic print (in small doses) has created a problem for me when entering the hosiery departments in certain high street stores – eh-hum, *Topshop* eh-hum.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Direction of the Wind has Changed…

This weekend, I finally received the final instalment to my birthday present from the rentals. Yes, my birthday was in February, but I was undecided as to what I wanted,  and instead of spending the money on a bunch of ‘stuff’ I probably wouldn’t use much, I decided to wait until I found something I wanted. Along with my new found love for blogging, my old love for photography has been rekindled, so I asked the rentals to purchase a camera for me – as my gift. Being the fickle person, I am I didn’t want to ask the rentals to splurge a ludicrous amount of money on a swanky SLR and all the accessories it comes with. So I settled on a classic bridge camera, good enough quality, and reasonable enough to prove my photography crush is here to stay. The camera is the Fujifilm Finepix S4800, and didn’t go on sale until April 8th, so I did my waiting, and finally last weekend father-jack and I went to John Lewis to pick up, what I currently refer to as, “my baby”.
Along with new camera, my blog got a makeover as you can see, which has lead me to make the decision to change the direction in which I want my blog to travel in. Yes, my love for beauty products exists but I kept finding myself struggling with writer’s block every time I sat down at my laptop. On top of this, I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself when writing, and just spewing out words, that have been written 100 times over by other bloggers. So change is in order…
Aesthetically, there’s been change, but there will be content wise as well. I don’t want to reveal all, as it will be apparent in my future posts but what I can say is, “my heart lies with fashion, and the heart wants, what the heart wants.” My aim is to include more outfit posts, possibly some street style – providing I can rack up the courage to talk to strangers-,  and I want to try and feature some of my friends (a few are fashion students) and their opinions. I still want to include some lifestyle posts and I’m sure the occasional beauty post will crop up, just see where my writing takes me. My first approach was to become organised and that’s where I have begun – post planning, photo planning etc. is all on the cards.
I feel more optimistic about the new changes, and hopefully will be able to keep up as I’ll definitely be enjoying it more. The only thing stopping me is myself.