Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

Bank holiday came along this weekend, and I decided to get a bit crafty. I have wanted to decorate my room for years now, and my first port of call was a mirror that I’ve had hanging on my wall for a few years now.
mirror mirror1
The mirror was a gift that the rentals received as a wedding present, and I’m guessing twenty two years ago the mirror was a fashionable piece when it comes to the interiors, but a number of years later the forest green, and terracotta wood looks a little dated. Okay so I’m still  not so keen on the wicker effect but it’s all I had to work with.
White was the obvious choice as I plan to change my other furniture to white, and around 6 months ago I purchased a cream, white and gold duvet set, which has still not been used, but what I plan to base the colour of my room around.
mirror mirror2
Initially, I was planning to do this post as a DIY post, but it’s just not me and I’m not one to follow in terms of DIY. I literally put the mirror on the floor and let my artistic, creativeness flow and painted. I did enjoy channelling my artistic side again, no, I was creating a Picasso or anything, just simply painting a mirror but none-the-less I enjoyed it.
mirror mirror3
I'm wearing Topshop Skater Dress (Old), New Look Cropped Knitted Jumper (Older-Sister-Jacks and old)
I feel as though, I have given the mirror another go at life. As if I have resuscitated it and brought it back to life, and although it’s only a small step into a newly decorated room, it has made a real difference.
I would love to hear some suggestions on how else I can liven up my room.

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