Monday, 6 May 2013

Everyone Has Knitting Fever!

It’s May, the sun has come out and we’ve decided to step outside barelegged and jacketless. I too have jumped on this bandwagon, although living in a city centre means I spend more time inside and am forever yearning to sit in the bliss of the park with a cool beverage and a group of pals. Sitting indoors all day has sent me a little loopy, bored out my brains, struggling to fill my time, whilst intentionally ignoring the fact I have exams in less than a fortnight. Two of my buddies are studying Fashion Knitwear design, whilst another Fashion design, and due to their current projects, all have been sitting around, knitted needles in hand and different coloured yarn everywhere. Its endearing watching them, the repetitive mechanics and the sound of the needles hitting each others draws you in, desperate to see the final product produced from a simple ball of yarn.
Often perceived as stereotype, knitting is a craft that is often associated with your grandma, sat in her rocking chair, television on with knitting needles working hard. All in order to produce the clothes you put on your dolls, or that scarf you always wore in the playground. After conversing with my friend, I realised that, yes now-a-days we associate knitting with an older generation, but to them it may not be the case. In our modern high-tech, “everything is a rush” society, everything is so readily available and there is no need for mum or daughter to sit at home and produce knitwear for the family to wear. In most cases yarn isn’t much cheaper than buying a ready-made garment so people don’t do it. However our grandmothers, didn’t get to the age of 60+ and think, “okay, I better learn to knit,” it is  a skill they already had learned. I thought I would do the same, I asked my friend K to teach me knit. So this is my attempt.
Currently,  I only know how to do a simple knit, and my perfectionist nature won’t let me move on until I have mastered that skill. I do plan to move and take lessons from my friends. It will definitely save me a lot of time when I do reach 60.

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