Thursday, 2 May 2013

OOTD: Is It Still Too Cold For Neon?

On Sunday April 28th, my parents invited some family friends over to “catch up” over Bagels and Coffee. A bagel brunch is a typical tradition in our household, father-jack runs off to the supermarket and local kosher deli to do the shopping, mother-jack scurries around the house cleaning with nana-jack following her from room to room catching her up with the latest gossip. Usually in this time, sister-jack(s) either rest in a peaceful slumber, or return home from their weekend adventures with their buddies, whilst I – if residing at home for the weekend – race around getting washed, scrubbed, clothed and organised for the 24hours ahead of me. Following a rushed Sunday morning of everyone completing mundane tasks, we will all come together at the kitchen table and enjoy our breakfast brunch. Unfortunately, my camera was not up and running on Sunday morning, and by the time I had it functioning there wasn’t a scrap of food left on the table for me to attempt to snap a photograph of. On the plus side, I did manage to get my camera set up, so I could snap some outfit shots for you.


Neon, knit jumper – Zara. Black, feather pendant necklace, black, tube, midi-skirt & space socks – Topshop.
The sun was beaming down on Leeds (at least when I peered out my bedroom window at approximately 10am), so I took the plunge and finally pulled out this neon, jumper; paired it with a classic black midi skirt, to create an effortless “throw-on” look. I decided to brave no tights, due to the weather which actually proved quite lucky, as I didn’t leave the house that day, and mother-jack is a cold bean so my house is constantly at a temperature equal to that of a burning furnace – much like the furnace Willy Wonker describes to Veruca Salt’s father in the Roald Dahl classic; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
These futuristic, space-print, socks are my current go to pair at the moment as I love the print, however am not courageous enough to grace the streets in a pair of leggings with a galactic print.Although my lust for the galactic print (in small doses) has created a problem for me when entering the hosiery departments in certain high street stores – eh-hum, *Topshop* eh-hum.

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