Friday, 3 May 2013

Casual Attire and the Theatre

I made a journey I hadn’t made in a very long time on Monday 28th April, and it regurgitated many feelings, that I hadn’t anticipated ever feeling again. The journey caused my thinking brain to vomit a lot of dark memories which, via running away, I had previously avoided remembering by storing them in a large box in the back of my skull. Although, I couldn’t have stored these memories very well, because if I were to be honest with my bean, those memories have definitely been eating  away at my think-feel-do-box for a number of years now, and continues to cause me a lot of pain.
note. to. self: create more efficient storage units for the many boxes I have tucked away in my skull.
The troubling journey was to Manchester, where I had attended school, to watch older-sister-jack perform her drama GCSE performance. The hour-long journey, sitting in a theatre for a lengthy amount of time, and then the return trek, meant outfit choice had to be practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.  On top of this I was due to be returning to the village of Notts the following day, so clothing was in the cleanse and polish process, therefore I had limited supplies.

Beanie hat – Ragged Priest. Sunglasses – Primark. Cream, blouse, Black sundress, Necklace & ADONIS2 boots – Topshop. Patterned tights & frilled socks – both Older-Sister-Jack, (now mine).
Contrary to normal Family-Jack events, Mother-Jack and I arrived at the venue, The Contact Theatre, with a whole hour to spare. Within our spare hour we failed to find any decent seeds to consume ,so settled for a premade-Panini  from (insert high street coffee) shop. At the venue we met up with little-sister-jack and made our way into the theatre. In total, there was four performances, however I couldn’t fully comprehend three of said performances, so reviews cannot be written. I can however review the performance in which Older-Sister-Jack performed. The theme surrounded the UK riots that occurred in 2011, and although there was no official title for the production, I have conferred with Older-Sister-Jack and have decided to  name it “Riots – Has Britain Gone Mad?”. Now, usually a drama GCSE performance, involves a lot of over-complicated symbolism, mundane thought tracking, and numerous failed attempts at cliché accents, and this performance had all of that. Yet I was still sold the storyline, characters, and for the majority of the performance felt as though I was sat in an episode of Coronation Street. I only wonder how my I-phone addict sibling-bean managed to perform her GSCE exam, whilst retaining and using her i-phone as a so-called “prop”? 

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