Sunday, 31 March 2013

I Purchased the Holy Grail of Blushers…

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Yes, you read correctly, Nars Blush in Orgasm, is in my possession after receiving some Harvey Nichols vouchers for my Birthday.
All I can say is WOW! I love this product, its the perfect shade to compliment my skin tone. It creates a lovely, warm, gentle colour to my cheek bone, and the silky, softness of the product, feels so nice and smooth on my face. The colour doesn’t contain to much shimmer either, which means my face isn’t a disco ball following my make up application.

orgasm 1orgasm2
I would recommend this blusher to everyone, and can see why so many beauty addicts / bloggers rave about it so much.
You can pick up yours from any Nars counter for £21.50.
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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Midi Ring

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I am currently loving the whole Above Knuckle Ring trend, so when I saw a set of three in Miss Selfridges, I simply had to purchase them and give them a try.
At first I was a little hesitant as I thought they may make my fingers look a little chunky, or I’d get many comments from the uneducated (such as my father) about how my rings weren’t on properly, but they were only £8 so I bought them,
Each ring is a simple chunky band, and in the set was a gold, silver and rose-gold ring.
With me being Little Miss Clumsy, I have already misplaced the silver one, so unfortunately I cannot photograph it. However it is exactly the same as the other two.
I do like these and have been wearing them quite a bit, just to add a simple accessory to my outfits, but I am definitely on the hunt for some others, maybe a little more dainty.
What do you think of the ‘Above Knuckle’ trend? Let me know anywhere where I can find some more.
Until Next Time

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Hint Of Ice

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As you can probably tell, since returning to my blog, I have obtained / purchased quite a few things, most of which I received as gifts for my birthday. Regardless of where I got them from, I am slowly trying to keep you up to speed, and provide some reviews and insights into my views of these new products.
As part of a gift from my sisters, I received three new Essie Polishes, all surprisingly running along the theme of ‘blue’.
The three colours I received were, FIJI, BUTLER PLEASE and MIDNIGHT CAMI.
All the polishes are to Essie standard, and two coats of each leads to a gorgeous, even colour over the nail.
Fiji is a colour that I have been lusting over for ages now. I am currently loving the look of white nails, despite a silent thought that your nails may look like you have covered them in Tipex, and this colour is just perfect at completing that desired effect.
Butler Please, is a shade, which I am quite pleased I received as I don’t currently own a varnish that is similar. On top of this, the colour really fits in with the whole electric / cobalt blue trend that we are seeing arise over this S/S.
Midnight Cami, is a dark navy blue. I do like the colour, but I may only use this on my toenails at the moment, as it’s a little dark for my fingers whilst we move into spring. In the spring months I prefer to see brights, pastels or neutrals on my nails, however once we hit autumn / winter I’m sure I will be rocking this shade for all to see.
I love Essie polishes and I love the fact that I could potentially keep their polish on for over a week without a chip. However I never usually leave my nails for that long without repainting, as I’m a little addicted.
Do you like Essie nail varnish? Or do you prefer another brand? Let me know
Until Next Time

Thursday, 28 March 2013


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I am extremely bad a buying accessories such as jewellery for myself, I think it’s more because my parents told me that perfume and jewellery are to be bought for you by a man. Now I’m single, and I’m starting to think that I can’t let my outfits be bare anymore whilst I’m waiting for my Prince Charming, so in slow steps I have started to purchase some jewellery for myself.
My first port of call was Topshop, and amongst all the neon's and statement pieces, I came across this.
necklace 2
It’s a simple, gold, 2 chain necklace with two gold, ‘peace’ pendants, on each chain. I thought this would be perfect to pair with a simple, jersey dress, or a sheer blouse, It was only £7.50, however, my only problem is that I don’t own any other gold jewellery really, so my next plan is to purchase some!
Until Next Time

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review| Laura Mercier Setting Powder

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Recently I have been have some very unfortunately experience with my daily makeup. I would often end the day with either an extremely blotchy face, as my makeup has come off, or I look like I hadn’t even applied any makeup to being with. Not a look I was ever planning on letting other people experience.
I initially thought maybe I needed to use a primer, I had never used a primer before but I thought I’d give it ago. Unfortunately, this had no effect, and I was still experiencing the same results. I then began to think that it was my foundation, but after forking out almost £30 on my YSL foundation, I wasn’t going to let this one just slip through my fingers with out trying something else.
I had read many reviews on the Laura Mercier Setting Powder, and most of them had been positive,so I strutted down to my local Laura Mercier counter. Upon arrival I was asked what kind of look I liked to go for when applying my make up. I told her I liked a dewy look and she offered me the product in the colour Universal.
She offered to try it on me in store, and immediately I was in love. Following application, all I wanted to do was stroke my face, and I couldn’t even tell  that I had an extra layer of make up on. Furthermore, my makeup did in fact stay in place, no blotchiness and not a bare face in sight.
When I got home I decided I experiment with my new found love, and have applied it many different ways. I apply it with my Real Techniques Powder Brush, over my foundation, over my foundation and bronzer, and sometimes it’s the last thing I put on, when I have completed my make up. Which ever way I use the Laura Mercier Setting Powder, it works a treat! I would recommend it to everyone, and I cannot see myself being able to apply my make up without it.
Have you used the Laura Mercier Setting Powder? Or are you loving a similar product that you think I should try?
Until Next Time

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review| Nail Rock Nail Caviar

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Last month it was my birthday and as part of one my gifts, I received a Topshop Voucher. After countless trips to Topshop, I finally found some items that I liked, however, the remaining amount was a little too awkward for my liking. I couldn’t be bothered looking around again, and knowing that I’d forget about the little amount left on the card and throw it into the depths of my handbag, I just picked up the Nail Rock Nail Caviar, from one of the little counter / shelves that Topshop fill buy the tills. You know, the ‘impulse purchase pots'.’
I picked up the Nail Caviar in the colour Neptune for £7. It comes with a bright, almost tree green nail varnish called ‘Neptune Green’ and a small pot of the ‘Caviar’, a collection of deep pinks, purples, blue and green.
I had always wanted to try a caviar effect nail art, following me enviously watching my friend open her Ciate advent calendar, which contained four of their caviar manicures, so I immediately tried this when I returned home.
Application wasn’t as complex or messy as I initially anticipated. It just involved to coats of the varnish, followed by a simple dip and press action.
Once all my nails were ‘caviared’ it was just a matter of waiting 15-20 minutes and then you’re ready to go. So I thought…
Me being very overly careful, and mainly due to habit, I waited at least 40 minutes for my nails to set. Following this I carried on with the rest of my day, however within an hour, I just had these beads EVERYWHERE as half of them had fallen off my nails. The biggest nightmare of all, was the next morning and me waking up to a bed full of the caviar beads, and a very messy, not presentable manicure. 
Since this disaster, I have tried to reapply my nail caviar, and much to my dismay I had the same result, So I won’t be using them again, or I may try them just to wear for an evening. It’s safe to say I won’t be purchasing this product in any other shades any time soon.
How did you get on with the Nail Rock Nail Caviar? Did you get on better with another brand that I should try instead?
Until Next Time

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Little Want | #1

Hello Hello,
My current purse has finally died on me, following a lovely relationship of approximately 3 years. She has been with me around the world, but has had to end up in the black bin, following a change disaster I had, where the majority of my coppers ended up at the abyss, that is my handbag.
Luckily for my sister came to the rescue with a spare purse that she owned, which she lent me until I overcame my grief, and replaced my old, trustworthy, wallet with something newer and shinier. Something like this….
michael kors purse
michael kors purse1
michael kors purse2

The Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet.
This purse may set you back £110, but the beauty in divine, vanilla, pebbled leather, and the gold-tone plate, will just excite you every time you reach into your handbag.
This is available in other colours, if you’re not a clean freak like me, and you may occasionally have a little spillage in your handbag, but the overall desired effect of having this treasure in your handbag will still be exactly the same.
Until Next Time

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Look Book #1 | Miss Retail Therapy

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I am extremely sorry for my absence, I have been quite unwell for sometime now, and hopefully in the near future I may feel comfortable sharing the details, and explain what I have been up to the past 6 weeks, but until I am I think it’s best to just get on with the show.
I have realised that I want to have  a more fashion / style side of my blog, so I thought I would start with a new feature that I may try once a fortnight, or once a month depending on the response, which is a look book / outfit choice, of a few pieces that I love the look of together. 
This week I thought I would start with an easy outfit that you can just throw on to venture into town for a day of shopping, which could also be worn for a casual dinner / drink at lunchtime or on an evening.
This look is perfect for the transition from winter to spring [despite it being a lot more winter here in the UK].
casual office look
1. Open Shoulder Tee, £14 Topshop. 2. Pepe Jeans Printed Trousers, £70 Asos. 3. Black Boyfriend Blazer £30 River Island. 4. Spike Heel Pump, £70 &OtherStories. 5. Skull Pendant, £15.99 Zara.
Monochrome is a massive trend this S/S, and these trousers definitely scream Monochrome. Keeping it simple on top, with just a simple pendant round your neck, you allow the trousers to speak for themselves. I am all about the heel, and love that the thin, spike heel has reappeared, and as these aren’t too high, they would be a perfect match for that lunch date.
I would love to hear what you think of this outfit, and if you have any suggestions for certain pieces!
Until Next Time