Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hello Hello,
I am extremely bad a buying accessories such as jewellery for myself, I think it’s more because my parents told me that perfume and jewellery are to be bought for you by a man. Now I’m single, and I’m starting to think that I can’t let my outfits be bare anymore whilst I’m waiting for my Prince Charming, so in slow steps I have started to purchase some jewellery for myself.
My first port of call was Topshop, and amongst all the neon's and statement pieces, I came across this.
necklace 2
It’s a simple, gold, 2 chain necklace with two gold, ‘peace’ pendants, on each chain. I thought this would be perfect to pair with a simple, jersey dress, or a sheer blouse, It was only £7.50, however, my only problem is that I don’t own any other gold jewellery really, so my next plan is to purchase some!
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