Monday, 25 March 2013

A Little Want | #1

Hello Hello,
My current purse has finally died on me, following a lovely relationship of approximately 3 years. She has been with me around the world, but has had to end up in the black bin, following a change disaster I had, where the majority of my coppers ended up at the abyss, that is my handbag.
Luckily for my sister came to the rescue with a spare purse that she owned, which she lent me until I overcame my grief, and replaced my old, trustworthy, wallet with something newer and shinier. Something like this….
michael kors purse
michael kors purse1
michael kors purse2

The Michael Kors Jet Set Continental Wallet.
This purse may set you back £110, but the beauty in divine, vanilla, pebbled leather, and the gold-tone plate, will just excite you every time you reach into your handbag.
This is available in other colours, if you’re not a clean freak like me, and you may occasionally have a little spillage in your handbag, but the overall desired effect of having this treasure in your handbag will still be exactly the same.
Until Next Time

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  1. I bought a nice purse from primark xx

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