Friday, 29 March 2013

A Hint Of Ice

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As you can probably tell, since returning to my blog, I have obtained / purchased quite a few things, most of which I received as gifts for my birthday. Regardless of where I got them from, I am slowly trying to keep you up to speed, and provide some reviews and insights into my views of these new products.
As part of a gift from my sisters, I received three new Essie Polishes, all surprisingly running along the theme of ‘blue’.
The three colours I received were, FIJI, BUTLER PLEASE and MIDNIGHT CAMI.
All the polishes are to Essie standard, and two coats of each leads to a gorgeous, even colour over the nail.
Fiji is a colour that I have been lusting over for ages now. I am currently loving the look of white nails, despite a silent thought that your nails may look like you have covered them in Tipex, and this colour is just perfect at completing that desired effect.
Butler Please, is a shade, which I am quite pleased I received as I don’t currently own a varnish that is similar. On top of this, the colour really fits in with the whole electric / cobalt blue trend that we are seeing arise over this S/S.
Midnight Cami, is a dark navy blue. I do like the colour, but I may only use this on my toenails at the moment, as it’s a little dark for my fingers whilst we move into spring. In the spring months I prefer to see brights, pastels or neutrals on my nails, however once we hit autumn / winter I’m sure I will be rocking this shade for all to see.
I love Essie polishes and I love the fact that I could potentially keep their polish on for over a week without a chip. However I never usually leave my nails for that long without repainting, as I’m a little addicted.
Do you like Essie nail varnish? Or do you prefer another brand? Let me know
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