Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review| Nail Rock Nail Caviar

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Last month it was my birthday and as part of one my gifts, I received a Topshop Voucher. After countless trips to Topshop, I finally found some items that I liked, however, the remaining amount was a little too awkward for my liking. I couldn’t be bothered looking around again, and knowing that I’d forget about the little amount left on the card and throw it into the depths of my handbag, I just picked up the Nail Rock Nail Caviar, from one of the little counter / shelves that Topshop fill buy the tills. You know, the ‘impulse purchase pots'.’
I picked up the Nail Caviar in the colour Neptune for £7. It comes with a bright, almost tree green nail varnish called ‘Neptune Green’ and a small pot of the ‘Caviar’, a collection of deep pinks, purples, blue and green.
I had always wanted to try a caviar effect nail art, following me enviously watching my friend open her Ciate advent calendar, which contained four of their caviar manicures, so I immediately tried this when I returned home.
Application wasn’t as complex or messy as I initially anticipated. It just involved to coats of the varnish, followed by a simple dip and press action.
Once all my nails were ‘caviared’ it was just a matter of waiting 15-20 minutes and then you’re ready to go. So I thought…
Me being very overly careful, and mainly due to habit, I waited at least 40 minutes for my nails to set. Following this I carried on with the rest of my day, however within an hour, I just had these beads EVERYWHERE as half of them had fallen off my nails. The biggest nightmare of all, was the next morning and me waking up to a bed full of the caviar beads, and a very messy, not presentable manicure. 
Since this disaster, I have tried to reapply my nail caviar, and much to my dismay I had the same result, So I won’t be using them again, or I may try them just to wear for an evening. It’s safe to say I won’t be purchasing this product in any other shades any time soon.
How did you get on with the Nail Rock Nail Caviar? Did you get on better with another brand that I should try instead?
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