Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Direction of the Wind has Changed…

This weekend, I finally received the final instalment to my birthday present from the rentals. Yes, my birthday was in February, but I was undecided as to what I wanted,  and instead of spending the money on a bunch of ‘stuff’ I probably wouldn’t use much, I decided to wait until I found something I wanted. Along with my new found love for blogging, my old love for photography has been rekindled, so I asked the rentals to purchase a camera for me – as my gift. Being the fickle person, I am I didn’t want to ask the rentals to splurge a ludicrous amount of money on a swanky SLR and all the accessories it comes with. So I settled on a classic bridge camera, good enough quality, and reasonable enough to prove my photography crush is here to stay. The camera is the Fujifilm Finepix S4800, and didn’t go on sale until April 8th, so I did my waiting, and finally last weekend father-jack and I went to John Lewis to pick up, what I currently refer to as, “my baby”.
Along with new camera, my blog got a makeover as you can see, which has lead me to make the decision to change the direction in which I want my blog to travel in. Yes, my love for beauty products exists but I kept finding myself struggling with writer’s block every time I sat down at my laptop. On top of this, I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself when writing, and just spewing out words, that have been written 100 times over by other bloggers. So change is in order…
Aesthetically, there’s been change, but there will be content wise as well. I don’t want to reveal all, as it will be apparent in my future posts but what I can say is, “my heart lies with fashion, and the heart wants, what the heart wants.” My aim is to include more outfit posts, possibly some street style – providing I can rack up the courage to talk to strangers-,  and I want to try and feature some of my friends (a few are fashion students) and their opinions. I still want to include some lifestyle posts and I’m sure the occasional beauty post will crop up, just see where my writing takes me. My first approach was to become organised and that’s where I have begun – post planning, photo planning etc. is all on the cards.
I feel more optimistic about the new changes, and hopefully will be able to keep up as I’ll definitely be enjoying it more. The only thing stopping me is myself.

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