Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Honeyz Bath Product, Whitby


As you know, on Sunday I took a trip to Whitby, and despite my wanting to fill my blog with my love for fashion, I couldn’t resist showing you the things we bought from this little – I can only describe as- Lush dupe, along the main high street through Whitby centre. Unfortunately they wouldn’t allow me to take photographs of the store, but the interior was basically a soap bakery. The fresh scents of all the flavours blended together nicely but didn’t overpower your sense of smell when you walked inside. Each product was laid out as though they were cakes, and cut into slices for you to purchase and take home. On top of this there was an unwrapped slice of each product available for you to smell, although the thought of the number of people who had pressed their bacteria-filled nasal cavities amongst them makes me feel a little nauseous. The store was called Honeyz, and this is a link to their website.

I lusted over the first thing we bought as soon as I saw it. I have always loved candles and fragrances, however until recently could never justify spending money on them, when there was always something else I always wanted. Anyways, following seeing a friend at university, burning oils to release scents into the room, I was on the hunt, for a fragrance burner. I don’t know the official name for this contraption, but you place a tea-light in the base of it, and it burns the oil on top to release a fragrance. The one we found in Whitby was a little different, as instead of place oil in the top, you place a fragranced shape. Each shape has a different fragrance and you can also place multiple shapes on top to blend the smells together.


I purchased the whole “Little Hotties” set including a box of 40 fragranced “shapes”, a diffuser, and 3 tea lights for £15, however after looking you cannot purchase this on the Honeyz website. I have done my research for you though, and the Little Hotties can be found here.

The next two products I purchased, were basically a case of, “Oh this looks good and smells nice”, so were quickly thrown into the basket as Father-Jack was about to insert his credit card. These were both products from the actual Honeyz product list and were a sweet smelling Watermelon soap, in which older-sister-Jack and I insisted we needed in our bathroom, and the second was a muscle-pain easing bath foam. I don’t have aching muscles of any kind but the sweet smell of peppermint drew me in instantly.


I have constantly been burning by Little Hotties Fragrance diffuser contraption. Honestly despite it being bought for the family, it may have a permanent place on my dressing table. I am yet to use the soap or  bath foam, however they are sitting on the window sill in the bathroom in anticipation to be opened.


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