Monday, 10 June 2013

With Flowers In My Hair…

I  am not one to be seen at a festival.
It’s not that I don’t enjoy or appreciate a good tune or artist, but I wouldn’t exactly be described as an outdoorsy type - unless, outdoors means lying on the beach for two weeks in the sunshine. Plus, I don’t think I could bring my self to part with the ticket price when I could possibly go abroad for the same price. Saying that, there is one thing, I do quite enjoy about festival season, and it’s something I can enjoy with out stepping foot into a gated field, or relieving myself in a porta-loo. That is festival fashion.
Despite the annual reoccurrence, of Hunter wellies paired with tiny, denim shorts and some form of crop top this year festival season fashion appears to have blossomed and graced us with a trend, I am personally loving, the floral crown. My lust towards the floral crown has grown over recent weeks, especially after seeing the most recent posts for Kavita at She Wears Fashion and these are a few numbers that I am desperate to get my hands on.
1. Pixie Lott GEORGIA oversized Floral Crown, £55.00, ROCK N ROSE. 2. Fearne Floral Headband, £8.00, 3. Sofia Floral Crown, £15.00, Dollybowbow. 4. Asos Flower Hair Garland, £10.00, ASOS.
Hopefully I will get my hands on one of these crowns very soon.

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