Thursday, 13 June 2013

Do It Yourself: Floral Crown

At the beginning of this week, I wrote a post about my current love for the festival craze that is the floral crown. (you can find this post here.) Following this post, I thought I would get a bit more creative and attempt a DIY floral crown. My expectations were minimal and I thought the outcome wasn’t going to be to great. However much to my surprise, it turned out ok, so therefore decided to share with you, the results and how I made it.
I personally went to Hobby craft to get the materials I need to make it, but I’m sure any local craft shop will stock the items needed. What I used was: an assortment of flowers of your personally choice, some jewellery wire (relatively thick), a pair of pliers, some thread and a glue gun.
The way to begin, is to measure the size of your head using the wire, following this form a loop, and wrap the edges around each other in a coil-like effect. Next, using the thread you need to mark where you want the flowers to start and finish. You may prefer the flowers to go all the the around the crown, or just half way across your head more like a headband. Once you have decided where the flowers to go, tie a piece of thread at each point. Now it’s time to start attaching the flowers. I chose light pink, and deep raspberry coloured flowers, and decided before that I would arrange them alternately. I advise buying flowers that have a wire stem, as this came in handy, whilst applying the flowers. For each flower, I placed a dot of glue on the underside, and attached it to the wire. I then wrapped the wire stem around the wire –in the same coil motion- then secure at the end with another small dot of glue. All you need to is repeat this for the rest of the flowers. Once complete make sure each flower is secure, and if needed add a little more glue. Let the glue dry, and you’re ready to wear.
This is what my completed crown looks like and I’m really happy with the results.
Excuse the makeup-less instagram photograph. I cannot wait to wear my crown out.

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