Monday, 14 January 2013

5 Things I Hate

So I know I introduced myself explaining how I wanted to blog about beauty and fashion - don't get me wrong I do and I will - but I feel like you need to know about the blogger when reading a blog.

I mean you're not going to ask your friend who lives in Converse which Jeffrey Campbell's to wear out into town are you? (just to clarify I do like converse and I do own and wear a pair, I just feel like there is a time and place to wear them!)

I have decided to share with you 5 of unfortunately many Pet Peeves I have: (please bare in mind these are in no particular order)


 I just don 't understand why people cannot eat in a normal, sophisticated manner. I feel as though there needs to be classes set up around the country (I respect that different cultures are brought up to eat in different ways) teaching people how to eat in way that is bearable for the people who are also eating around them
There are a number of specific things that annoy me about people's vulgar eating habits which I feel irritate me enough to be able to go into specifics
  • Making noises when consuming food or drink. Except for "crunching" sounds or the occasional "gulp", I feel as though there is no need to be making any noises around the dinner table unless it be the sound of conversation - conversation should only be had if the mouth is empty. Now I'm not saying that I am the 'perfect eater', yes I may occasionally "slurp", but there is no need for a full on orchestral performance at the dinner table. You don't need to hoover your food up which is usually accompanied by the crude slurping sound, and there is certainly no need for the sound of all your food sloshing around your mouth until you feel that it is the time to swallow.    
  • Eating with your mouth open. You open your mouth, place the untensil containing food inside, take the food off and remain to keep your lips tightly together until the contents of your mouth is travelling down your oesophagus and into your stomach. Noone wants to see your tongue playing tennis with a half-chewed sandwich, especially the person who is sat opposite you eating the exact same meal. To add to this you always have that one person who decides he must have a conversation with their mouthful of food and all you can see whilst trying to eat the gourmet meal on the plate in front of you, is particles of food being spat around from that extremely selfish persons mouth. If you need to open your mouth during eating to take that nasty gasp of breath, then you've most definitely taken a bite that is way too big for your mouth. 
  • Using your fingers to eat. With a few exceptions, such as the sandwich, there is no reason in the world why you would need to wash / wipe your hand whilst eating a meal. You don't need to use your fingers to pick up that last mouthful, or to get your food onto the fork. Hello! What is wrong with your knife and fork! 
There are many more bad eating habits that grind my gears, but I actually feel a bit queasy thinking about them, but who knows maybe I'll discuss them in more detail in another blog in the future. 

2. Not Saying Please / Thank You

Okay, so in no way shape or form do I consider myself to be Miss Perfect, but using "please" and "thank you" comes naturally to me and feel as though it should to others. Now I'm not having a dig at the way people have been brought up etc. However it really gets to me when people ask for things to be done with out using good manners. Now to me it doesn't matter if you're talking to your Parents, your Friends or even The Queen for that matter, I just feel that you can't just expect people to do things for you at your every beck and call, and the addition of that 6-letter word automatically shows that your realise this. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one to refuse to do something if someone doesn't ask me with a "please", or cause an argument if someone weren't to "thank me" but it does get me a little wound up and irritates me. However on the contrary there is nothing worse than somebody - especially a peer - requesting that please or thank you from you. 

"Excuse me, but I think you're forgetting one important word if you want me to do that for you...

3. People who blame everyone / thing but themselves

It's so annoying when you achieve better then someone else at something and all they do is spit out a load of excuses at you, as to why you did better than them. Let me clear things up for you. The Sun on a May afternoon inside in the UK was not so bright that you could see your exam paper, and  because Mr Smith stalled at that green light you failed your Driving Test.
What people need to realise is, that there are many things in life that you are good at, and there are things in life that you're not going to be so good at. NOBODY IS THE BEST AT EVERYTHING so please don't tell me the reason you didn't get that particular job was because the interviewer had a fusia tie on.
I fully respect if you feel that these petty excuses are the reasons that your dreams didn't work out but please don't come to me and moan about them. I simply do not care because you are wrong.

4. 'No Offence'

"No offence, but I think that dress is really ugly"

Now when it comes to my friends, I can be BLUNT and HONEST, tell them like it is. If something doesn't look right or they smell, I'm going to tell them how it is.
Never has it occurred to me to ever put the phrase "No Offence" in front of my truth telling. It's so irritating to hear someone say it, the words make me cringe. The offender may as well stand up in front of their listeners and say: 

"Listen I'm about to offend you, okay!"

Okay you may call me crazy but nobody likes to be told something that may offend them and make them feel bad even if the person saying it doesn't think it will or mean to offend the recipient. So who in their right mind would listen to anything coming out of someone's mouth following them muttering the phrase, NO OFFENCE. 

'No Offence' to Mr No Offence but if I never get insulted again by someone who begins their insult with the phrase "No Offence" it would be way too soon.

5. Splitting the bill

Imagine the scene:
2 + friends go out for dinner together, they order their meals, catch up have a lovely time and then it's time to leave so you ask for the bill. You all pretty much ordered the same thing, just a starter and a main and a bottle of wine between you, so you will probably be paying about the same amount give or take a few pounds. Now what really gets to me is that there is always that one person who takes out their calculator and begins to add up all the things that they had. This particular girl is always the one that happened to have less wine than everyone else, and only one piece of the garlic bread or something, so decides that she shouldn't pay the same amount as everyone else.
Okay I appreciate that we're living in a recession (whatever!) but what is a few pounds between friends. Why do have to make things so complicated? Plus there's the whole having to ask the waiter for the menus as you don't understand the codes on the receipt. On top of all that once everyone puts their money in, you always seem to be short a little bit. I just don't get it, so you pay a couple of pounds extra, if these are proper friends, I'm sure you'll see the money soon enough.

I'm sure in time I'll reveal many more of my pet peeves. Does anything really irritate you? Or do you agree with mine? Let me know :)

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