Thursday, 31 January 2013

Review | Rimmel's Apocalips

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After my week long search I finally got my hands on one of Rimmel's new Apocolips, however I am so disappointed with it :(
Apocalips in Nude Eclipse

Following reading so many raves I was just desperate to get my hands on it, last night I decided to give it its premier as I hit a few bars with my friends, but much to my disappointment, the  product didn't have a long life span, I had to keep applying at least every half an hour, and when I did wear of I was left with horrible looking dry lips, with hints of flaky nudeness. 
Now I am not one to normally suffer from dry lips, sometimes occasionally in the summer, so some heavy application of carmex this morning has saved my lips, but I had such high hopes for this product, and I had planned to try out other shades, but I just cannot justify spending more money on this. 

What did you think of Rimmels Apocolips?
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