Thursday, 17 January 2013

My latest Kurt Geiger Quest

Hello Hello

This is just a quick post whilst I'm trying to get some work done (epically failing!) 

Firstly I apologise for the change of appearance again, but I am new to this and it seems that getting my blog to look how I want it to look is much harder than I first anticipated. Hopefully I will get it just right soon, probably when I get to grips with everything. 

Now whilst doing my biology lab report, it was obviously appropriate to have a browse on the Kurt Geiger website and see what new stock they have in. Being the sucker for shoes I have like quite a number of their new stock, but I am mainly lusting over these beauties.... 
Nanette in black
These are £140 with I think is good for Kurt Geiger, but my current funds are insufficient. However it's nearly my birthday so maybe I'll be able to celebrate being 20 with these on my feet. 

For me its back to work.

Until Next Time


  1. I love Kurt Geiger!

  2. Me encantan estos zapatos!