Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hello. Hello.

When I went to bed last night, I had all intentions of waking up and completing my outstanding work for University. Despite the fact that I haven't yet started it and it was due last Friday (11/01/12), I still am extremely unmotivated to do it, and have spent the day procrastinating - I have literally done everything and anything to avoid doing this work.

Over my 15 years of being within the education system, I seemed to have perfected my procrastination skills at the expense of completing deadlines and receiving good grades, and I am currently in search of a way to increase my motivation skills.

I would consider procrastination an aid in my addiction to shopping and beatifying myself, and my nails always look Fabulous following a day of avoiding my assignments, but I fear the overuse of Nail Varnish Remover is causing brittle nails and possibly effects my senses when inhaling the fumes.
Nail Colour: Barry M np339 over Perfect Chic 218 (From Israel)

All in all it appears that this chapter in my story, was in fact just a result of me procrastinating some more, and I apologise for you reading this pointless rant.
 But please reveal your procrastination techniques or I suppose more importantly how you stay motivation and complete your work! I'd love to hear!!

On a side note: As you can see I have changed the appearance of my blog, however my stripes don't seem to line up, can anyone help me with this?!

Until Next Time

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