Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Porefection or Perfection?

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I received a Debenhams Beauty Voucher for Chanukah this year, and yes it does feel like Chanukah was ages ago (it was in December), but this voucher created a lot of confusion for myself and I struggled to spend it really.
The voucher specifically said Bare Minerals on it, and I’m not a great fan of Bare Minerals, and thought I could on spend it at their counter, so I never really bothered looking at all. This was until a friend informed me that I could spend it on any beauty counter / products in store.
I spent weeks looking and debating what I wanted, but I had recently finished my then current primer, and had wanted to try Benefits Porefessional Primer so I decided to purchase that. I actually got it in a box (I think it was a Christmas gift box) and it came with a 8.9ml bottle of their Triple Performing Face Emulsion. I haven’t yet tried the Face Emulsion yet but I had to snap a photograph as the packaging is so cute.
Both of the two products would have cost £23.50.
In terms of minimizing my pores, I wouldn’t rate this product at all. I don’t have that noticeable pores anyways, but this product didn’t touch them in any way. However, as a primer, I love this product. It’s so light and silky and leaves your face feeling soft, without that sticky, heavy feeling some primers leave. I doesn’t feel as though I am adding an extra layer to my base make up but has helped my make up to last a little longer through the day.
I would recommend this product to people, despite the price tag being a little more expensive then some other decent primers.
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