Monday, 8 April 2013

Just A Thought…

Hello Hello….
is it still failing....I’m due back at University today (short break I know,) and the whole prospect of exams and passing first year kind of got me thinking. I’m pretty sure everyone is well acquainted with the saying, ‘As one door closes another one opens’. Well if that is a case then surely if you try something but it doesn’t work out, then it can’t be classed as failing? Surely every attempt you make at something is just another lesson to be learned, and should open you up to look for other opportunities? Perhaps that thing you didn’t succeed at, is simply just a sign that you weren’t heading in the right direction? I don’t mean in terms of  religion or faith, I mean in terms of yourself. What’s right for your personality. And what you want to grow into as a person, to ultimately succeed in life and be happy. Surely that’s what everyone wants? So next time you don’t succeed at something, or something doesn’t go quite to plan, don’t give up. It’s not failure. Either try again or look and find that other opportunity that is probably staring you right in the face.
It’s just a thought for this Monday morning….
Until Next Time

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