Monday, 20 January 2014

Atelier Versace: Spring 14 Couture

Think Grace Jones meets Goddess meets Cocktail Chic. All thoughts that came to mind whilst flicking through the slide show of the Atelier Versace Spring 14 Couture show in Paris.

The first look on the runway, for me, embodied strength and femininity, with the structured, black, tuxedo, complimented by the elegant draping of the embellished skirt and the Grace Jones-esque hood. The latter being a signature element of this collection, creating an edgy angle to even the most graceful of evening wear.


Versace created barely-there bodices, using geometric shaped crystals, with the aim of them seeming almost tattoo-like. She described tattoos as being a new form of art, that is accessible to all. To me the use of beautiful crystals, to create a these bodices, almost reiterates the point that tattoos or any form of body art can be beautiful and questions the view a lot of people have that it's not art and isn't attractive.


The silhouettes created through the hoods and draping, with the addition of the whites, blues and emerald greens, reminded me an ancient goddesses, or Mediterranean princesses. The epitome of femininity, topped with power and strength, much like the things I associate Donatella Versace herself.

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